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Face Lift Surgery – It’s type, benefits and side effects

Face lift surgery, also called as Rhytidectomy, is a medical procedure that aims to make the signs of aeging oblivious typically targeting the face, neck and jowl area.

Face Lift Surgery – Before and After Photo

Face lift is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery in the world.

What it does and what it doesn’t?

Face lift tightens the loose and sagging skin.

Face lift can treat –

1. Saging in face, jowl and neck

2. Creases around eyes

3. Crease along the nose upto the mouth

4. Wrinkles

Face lift is a restorative surgery. It does not change the basic appearance. It cannot stop aging process.

What are the types of Face Lift Surgery? And what are they used for?

1. Skin Only

Targets lower face and neck, involves incision in the hairline.

2. Traditional Face Lift or SMAS Lift

Targets lower face and neck, involves incision.

3.Deep Plane Facelift

It is modification of the traditional facelift, gives better result and more rejuvenation of dreary skin but have higher risks of facial nerve injury.

4. Temporal Facelift

Targets eyebrow area, minimal incision, suited for droopy eyes.

5.Platysmaplasty or Submentoplasty

What is the cost of  Face lift surgery across the world?

Country Cost(in $US )
USA $9555- $19110
UK $6540 – $9495
Australia $6000 – $25000
India $4500 – $5000

What combinations of Face lift surgery should a person opt for?

Face lift surgery is usually comprises of multiple surgeries that may include any of the above mentioned types.

What are the risks involved?

Unsatisfactory result, threats that may be present because of the use of anesthesia, Skin color irregularities, numbness, pain, irritation that may persist.

Which country is famous for Face lift?

South Korea is best known for Rhinoplasty and Rhytedectomy followed by Brazil, Singapore and India.

If you are interested in having Face lift but are having financial problems , then you must consider getting it done in countries like, Brazil, India, Malaysia. They are cheap and are equally good. On top of that you may get the best of the treatments in addition to a majestic tour of these naturally gifted beautiful countries.

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