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Am I the Right candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Most women having small breast feel insecure about their size. Obvious reason is to attract men’s attention. Women, by nature are submissive and think of impressing the other sex. It is believed among women that beautifying themselves gratifies their other halves which is not completely wrong at all. Men, by nature are attracted towards ladies with great curves and proportions, though it may not be the prime criteria for choosing a life partner. Thus, having big, perfect shaped breast is not only the matter of looking attractive but to better the psychological effect on the women. With age, breasts droop and that makes them grow less attractive. Also,  reconstruction and reduction of breast is also considered by some women. Ladies suffering from breast cancer had no choice other than to undergo such a surgery. Thus, plastic surgery serves the medical purpose rightfully here.

Breast Enlargement Surgery
Breast Enlargement and Reduction – A rescue from life ling embarrasment

What Timmie Jean Lindsey started has now become a popular trend and the number of women undergoing the surgery has increased manifold. Plastic surgery now-a-days, is as common as buying a branded shoe. All thanks to improving technology and science that lead to reduced cost of operation. However, people only look at the cosmetic part of it and the surgery part is almost forgotten. Though most people who undergo cosmetic changes are satisfied, surgery is not free of risks. Risks that may result in quite something that one never expected. Things could become irrevocable and then person may live with a life long regret to choose plastic surgery.

These risks come into picture when a person is unsure of what he/she wants out of surgery. Is it something that he just want or it is the need? The purpose must be well defined. Hence, multiple consultations is advised before a person thinks of taking up breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery. “Is the person an apt candidate for the surgery or not” is the main thing to find out during the consultation.

There are people out there who on obtaining the desired results want to go a step further to enhance it more. Their desire never ends. And for such people consultation is obligatory.


History of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery dates back to times before Christ’s birth. The medical work of Indians, namely Sushruta and Charak, are as old as 800 BC. Greeks were also known to perform plastic surgeries. In modern times, The World War 1 and II saw the emergency in fixing the disfigured face of soldiers. Soon after that, plastic surgery entered the aesthetic world and beauty improvement surgeries began to occur in the end of the first half of 20th century.

Timmie Jean Lindsey, first person to undergo Breast Augmentation in 1962
Timmie Jean Lindsey was the first person to undergo Breast Augmentation surgery in 1962.


Some 50 years ago, Timmie Jean Lindsey, a factory worker in Texas, 30 year old made headlines. She was the first lady documented lady to undergo a breast augmentation surgery in the world. She along with Dr. Frank Gerow invented silicon implants. She had led many women through successful breast augmentation surgery. She even made her daughter and grand daughter undergo breast enlargement.


Earlier implants were quite different from those used these days. The stuff used in mattresses were used to fill the breast of women. PIP implants have a rupture chance of 5-7% while the normal silicon implant rupture chance is 1-2%.


The size and shape of the breast augmentation surgery varied from time to time depending on the trend. Earlier it was teardrop shape while now perfect round is in trend.