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Buttock Augmentation: Fat Transfer or Silicon Implant ?

Gluteoplasty or Buttock Augmentation, as it is commnly known, is cosmetic surgery specialised for improvement in appearance of gluteul region. Gluteoplasty can be done to increase the size of the buttocks, change the shape of the hip for the aesthitic reasons or modify the body contour in case of transgenders that wish to have more femenine butts.

Who does not want to have butts like these?

Gluteoplasty can be done in two ways –

1. Using Implants

2. Fat Transfer( from other parts of the body)

Implants may be either oval or round in shape. Chosing the shape of implants is highly dependent on the surgeon. He/she may or may not give you a choice and may use whichever he feels will serve better purpose. Compared to Fat Transfer, use of implants is more risky and may cause complications as obvious because of use of artificial implants.

Fat Transfer is comparatively safer than using implants as a gluteoplasty procedure. It involves transfer of body fats from the region having in access to the gluteal region using injection. However, it may not give permanent results. More elaborately, a person can gain or loose fat after surgery depending on his lifestyle. Those changes would reflect in the body and also in the buttock region. There is one thing to note here. As there is transfer of fats from one region to another, even the fats cells get transferred. So, if one gains weight then the weight that a person should put on in a region(from where fats was removed) would actually be put on in gluteal region. This is because the amount and proportion of fat storage in a human body is pre encoded in the human DNA present in cells. Cell transfer leads transfer of these DNA too.

Using Implants

Using Fat Transfer

Involves incision No incision
Relatively more complications involved More safe
Results are permanent Results may change with loss or gain of weight
Comparatively Expensive Comparatively Cheaper

Table 1: Comparison of Buttock Augmentation using Implants and using Fat Transfer

Buttock Augmentation is almost a painless and scarless surgery. Some post surgery irritation, numbness, minimal pain and swelling may be experienced which would dissappear in first few weeks after the procedure. Complications involved are the ones that may happen because of anesthesia, medicine or implant’s side effects.

It is an hour long procedure. The patient can resume day to day activities after 2 days of rest and rigorous physical activities such as gym or jogging after atleast a month. The patients should wear a compression belt to reduce swelling for a month. In order to reduce the pressure, sleeping on the side or abdomen is advised.

The result of gluteoplasty may not be seen immediately after the operation because of the swelling. A patient must wait for atleast 3 months for the real results to be seen. Multiple surgeries may be required, but not necessary, for desired results to be obtained. That is why Buttock Augmentation is recommended for those who are looking for improvement and not perfection.

When the surgery is performed using implants, an incision is made in the crease near the bottom of the gluteal region. This way the scar remains oblivious. With time, it starts to fade out. No incision is made when Fat Transfer is done.

Many a time, Buttock Augmentation and liposuction are done together to attain the planned result.


Cost(in $US)


3000 – 11900


16000 – 27000


1350 – 3550


3500 – 10300

Table 2: Cost of Gluteoplasty in different countries


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